What is the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is a men’s team golf tournament held every two years. It is one of the most important sporting events on an international level. This biennial golf tournament faces the United States team against the European team. The teams are made up of the best players from Europe and the United States in the year of the competition. The venue is alternated between the United Kingdom and Ireland and the United States.

Early. Before the official birth of the Ryder Cup in 1927, there were two unofficial competitions between professional teams in Britain and the United States. Both were won by the British. The first one was played in Gleneagles in 1921, while the second was held in Wentworth in the year 1926. This was special, as among the spectators was a man named Samuel Ryder.

Ryder was an English seed merchant from St. Albans, who amassed a fortune selling seed packs at the price of a penny. He was amazed at the meeting at Wentworth of 1926, particularly when he saw Abe Mitchell’s team defeating the American team composed of Jim Barnes and Walter Hagen, among others. Samuel Ryder decided to sponsor the event in the successive years and the next year was officially born the Ryder Cup.

The United States clearly dominated the competition over the next few decades. In the year 1973 they joined the British team Irish players and from 1979 players from the rest of Europe. This inclusion of new players made the tournament much more matched and competitive.

Today. Each team in the Ryder Cup is made up of 12 players and a captain. Encounters include match play modalities. The matches consist of eight foursomes meetings, eight four-ball meetings and twelve individual matches. The winner of each match receives a point for his team, while if a tie is produced, each of the teams is dealt ½ point.

The foursome modality consists of playing a team of two players against another. The players of each team are alternating in the blows along the game, always with the same ball. Each hole is won by the team that completes it in the least number of blows.

In the modality four-ball also plays a team of two players against the same, with the difference that all the players have to play their own ball along the route. Each hole is won by the team whose player completes the hole in the least number of hits.

The individual matches are matches between players of different side in the mode match play, in which the player who plays the hole in the least number of blows, points a won hole.

In the Ryder Cup the matches take place over three days, usually from Friday to Sunday. The first two days are held four games in four-ball modality in the morning, and four others in the modality foursomes in the afternoon. Finally on Sunday the twelve individual parties are celebrated. Not all players are required to compete on Friday and Saturday matches; The captain of each team decides who are the eight players competing in each of the four rounds of those two days.

The Ryder Cup leaves the British Isles and celebrates on the mainland. In 1997 the Ryder Cup was held for the first time outside the British Isles (when the European team was the organization). The number 32 edition of the Ryder Cup was held in Spain, more specifically in the exclusive Valderrama Golf Club, located in Sotogrande, in the province of Cadiz. The European team won the competition with a result of 14 and 1/2 against 13 and 1/2 on the part of the American team, which allowed Europe to retain the trophy.

The European team had a clear advantage in the first two days (10 and 1/2 against 5 and 1/2), but on Sunday the American team remarkably the result in the individual matches (8 against 4), but in an insufficient way to take the victory.

The Spanish golfer Severiano Ballesteros was the great driver of the Ryder Cup to be played outside the British Isles, as well as being the captain of the European team, Severiano had an outstanding participation as captain and is recognized by connoisseurs as the best Captain of the Ryder Cup story.

The Ryder Cup 2016 was held in the United States, at the Hazeltine National Golf Club, and the winning team has been the United States, with a 17-point United States score against 11 points in Europe.

The next Ryder Cup 2018 will be held for the 2nd time outside the British Isles, specifically in the Le Golf National field in Paris, the week of September 25-30.

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