The Art of Doing Business on the Golf Course

One of the best strategies to nurture your business relationships.

Have you ever heard that playing golf closes big business? Not always but if, the field is a great way to relate, to meet your co-workers and even, to have quality time with your customers.

Golf should be seen as an opportunity. Not only is it a sport of leisure, but a situation that manifests its true character: its strength, confidence and humility. Your colleagues may not be impressed with your swing, but they will be seeing your way of being.

Therefore, there are rules within the field that force players to keep pace:

1. Learning to play golf

Playing your first game can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Know some basic rules to know how to act in the field and enjoy the game.

2. Choose your teammates well

There is a partner who will motivate you and congratulate you on a good shot. Feeling comfortable with someone while playing golf is essential for a business relationship. It is important to create an atmosphere of fellowship, otherwise it will be impossible to close a business with that person.

3. Dress code

One of the best things about golf is being invited to play at a colleague’s or a customer’s club for the first time. Do not appear in shorts and with your vintage shirt; A conservative style is recommended with a little individuality.

4. Know the game label

This requires avoiding bad manners. When a business does not give light, you do not throw your briefcase in the boardroom; So, toss your golf clubs or curse, they will tell your partner that you have a lousy character and that is not the type of relationship you want to have.

5. Focus on the results

Before you start playing, discuss what you expect to get, what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. Don’t talk business before the hole 3 or after the 15th, never when you are going to throw or when you get to the green. Also, don’t feel that you should have it all figured out in the end, your priority is to make sure your partner is having fun.

On the other hand, playing golf events is another way to participate in your community and nurture your relationships. Many business organizations and chambers of commerce organize tournaments, and it is certainly an excellent place to meet new people, exchange business cards and why not, open the door for a future project, perhaps the most important of your life.

To generate an attractive quality of business life, Texas has more than 900 golf courses.

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