How to Buy Your Golf Balls of Initiation

When it comes to buying your beginner golf clubs game, it is important that the seller be an expert in golf and consider your physical characteristics (height, speed potential, etc).

It is advisable to buy your game of clubs in a physical golf shop, advised by your golf teacher, if possible. This way you can appreciate the materials and even try the sticks. It is also advisable to always buy good quality materials, which is not necessarily the most expensive.

Buy Golf clubs for Pitch and Putt

For beginners who want to buy Pitch & Putt golf clubs are recommended golf clubs with graphite rods. The graphite rods are lighter and better absorb the vibration of the failed blows than the sticks with steel rods. Also, being lighter, there is less risk of small injuries by frequently hitting the carpet of practice, grass, or the top of the ball.

After a few months of practice, those players who have already internalized the swing and can hit the ball with a good speed of the head of the club, can choose to play golf clubs with steel rods. Having a more perfected and internalized swing, these rods will provide them with more regular ball trajectories than the graphite rods.

Women usually have less physical power than men, so they need to play women’s golf clubs, which have the most flexible and shorter rods, as well as finer handles. People who generate very little speed in the head of the club, will need a wood or a hybrid stick for the longest pitch & putt holes.

In the pitch & putt fields The holes have a maximum distance of 120 meters, so no golf clubs are required for longer distances. To cover these distances is necessary a game composed of the following elements:

-1 Sand Wedge (SW) to play short blows and from bunkers.

-1 Pitching wedge (PW or Iron 10).

-Irons 9, 8 and 7.

-1 Putt: It is important that the length of the rod, which is normally measured in inches, is appropriate to the height of the player to facilitate placement when playing.

-1 small golf bag, already in a pitch & putt course it is not necessary to carry a lot of equipment. The bag can include a tripod to hold standing while we play the hit.

Kids GOLF Clubs

For boys and girls are recommended sticks, balls and bags with colors and attractive drawings, as children motivates them to play. For older boys and girls, it’s not that important. It is also necessary to play golf with clubs that are adapted to their age and sex, as as for adults there are clubs for children and clubs for girls. At present there is a wide range of clubs for boys and girls of different age ranges, varying in size:

-Sets of sticks for boys and girls from 5 to 8 years.

-Sets of sticks for boys and girls from 9 to 11 years.

-Sets of sticks for boys and girls from 12 to 14 years.

In case the sticks are a little long for the boy or girl (not more than 2 cm), there is no downside in that the: a little lower. It is important that the weight and length of the stick is not excessive for the child.

Buy golf clubs for large fields

Players who want to buy golf clubs to start on large golf courses, can opt for a set of steel or graphite golf clubs, depending on their physical characteristics and their swing speed.

A complete set of golf clubs is recommended, as during the course of a large golf course we will find all kinds of distances and a complete game is necessary to cover them. A complete set of golf clubs comprises the following elements:

-1 driver for outputs.

-Woods 3 and 5 or wood 3 and 1 hybrid stick.

-Irons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to cover different distances.

-1 Pitching wedge (PW or Iron 10).

-1 Sand Wedge (SW) for short blows and taken from the bunkers.

-1 large or medium sized bag to carry in cart or golf car or a small bag to carry back, if desired.

At present, a full beginner golf club set, does not usually include iron 3, as the hybrid fulfils this function.

A beginner player can also play initially with half a set of clubs in a large field. For example, you can play with the irons SW, 9, 7, 5, wood 3 and putt. This way it simplifies the process of choosing the club, and also plays a little lighter.

What is a hybrid stick?

A hybrid golf club has a design between iron and wood. Replaces an iron 2 or 3 in distance and for a player with high or medium handicap is easier to play than those irons. As a difference, it should be commented that a ball hit with a hybrid stick produces a higher ball than with a 2 or 3 iron.

Do I have to buy a 60-degree SECOND Blaster?

For a beginner player or player it is not necessary. First you have to learn to control a normal 56-degree sand. The second blaster is used by professional players or amateur players with very low handicap. These players already dominate the normal sand and a more open sand brings more height and recoil effect to the ball in situations that require it, as for example a stroke of approximation to a flag where there is very little space between the flag and the beginning of green For the ball to roll.

A player who, by his level of play, does not control the approximation blows with a normal sand of 56 degrees, will not profit from the use of a sand of 60 degrees. What’s more, it is very likely that your use will generate confusion and errors in the field.

How many degrees should the DRIVER buy?

It is important that the player objectively values his level of play and that he chooses a driver that is relatively easy. For players with medium or high handicap, the starting distance is not a competitive advantage, as it is a good short game (approach, bunker and putt), with which it will really lower its results.

Therefore, the best driver for a high or medium handicap player is not the one that more distance can make, but the one that will help you to take the streets of the holes regularly and an acceptable distance.

The fewer grades the driver’s face has, the more distance it provides, but it also requires a more correct swing. A driver with a stick face with more degrees, will do less distance, but it is easier to hit properly regularly and center the ball on the streets of the holes, which will give more confidence to the player during the tour.

Therefore, for a player of high or medium handicap is advisable a driver of between 10.5 to 12 degrees, with the rod suitable to its physical characteristics, speed of swing, etc.

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