Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Evaluating Your Guests

It is normal to invite a stranger home to generate some doubts. Every homeowner in a house goes through that initial obstacle. However, the key is to break the “strange” label before starting physical interaction; This way, the situation will be a more fluid experience for both you and your guests. Here are five tips to make sure:

Ask the right questions

Communicating effectively with your guests before your arrival will make you have a half-way done. Do not hesitate to ask them questions about how many guests will arrive, the age of their children, if they bring pets, if they need to register the entrance or exit of the house early/late, etc. This helps clear things up from the beginning so you won’t have unpleasant surprises or unnecessary discussions.

Report on the rules of the house guests

It took a lot of effort for your house, so to keep it in perfect condition, you can set some non-negotiable terms. Communicate them to your guests so there is no doubt about it. For example, you may not feel comfortable with the idea of a party at home, of playing loud music or of something as simple as leaving the lights on when they are not being used. Whatever it is, say it! If you have a bad feeling about the rules you have set, you should assume that everything in your house can happen.

Ask for an identity check

It is always good to ask your guests for a form of identification, either a driving licence or a passport. They can be send via email or during a chat conversation. Any discrepancy in the documents is a clear alarm signal. The purpose is to know who you are dealing with and whether you are a formal person, with your valid identification document. This prevents people who do not have how to prove their country of affiliation or existence.

Read your opinions

Guests always look at the reviews of a property before booking it, so why shouldn’t you? Don’t look at just how other owners scored them. Also look at the reviews you left in other properties. If you see that the reviews are too negative or puntillosas, you will probably deal with a guest who could be a bit or too delicate. According to this, he is in his right to refuse the reservation.

Measure your answers

Consider evaluating the answers that guests give you by email or chat. Suspicious questions of the type “will security allow visitors to enter late at night?” or “I lost my driving license and I have no other way to identify myself, is there something going on?” I should alarm him. For this kind of thing, you can refuse the reservation. The most important thing is to trust your instinct. If a particular guest does not give you a good impression, cancel the reservation request.

The Art of Doing Business on the Golf Course

One of the best strategies to nurture your business relationships.

Have you ever heard that playing golf closes big business? Not always but if, the field is a great way to relate, to meet your co-workers and even, to have quality time with your customers.

Golf should be seen as an opportunity. Not only is it a sport of leisure, but a situation that manifests its true character: its strength, confidence and humility. Your colleagues may not be impressed with your swing, but they will be seeing your way of being.

Therefore, there are rules within the field that force players to keep pace:

1. Learning to play golf

Playing your first game can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Know some basic rules to know how to act in the field and enjoy the game.

2. Choose your teammates well

There is a partner who will motivate you and congratulate you on a good shot. Feeling comfortable with someone while playing golf is essential for a business relationship. It is important to create an atmosphere of fellowship, otherwise it will be impossible to close a business with that person.

3. Dress code

One of the best things about golf is being invited to play at a colleague’s or a customer’s club for the first time. Do not appear in shorts and with your vintage shirt; A conservative style is recommended with a little individuality.

4. Know the game label

This requires avoiding bad manners. When a business does not give light, you do not throw your briefcase in the boardroom; So, toss your golf clubs or curse, they will tell your partner that you have a lousy character and that is not the type of relationship you want to have.

5. Focus on the results

Before you start playing, discuss what you expect to get, what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. Don’t talk business before the hole 3 or after the 15th, never when you are going to throw or when you get to the green. Also, don’t feel that you should have it all figured out in the end, your priority is to make sure your partner is having fun.

On the other hand, playing golf events is another way to participate in your community and nurture your relationships. Many business organizations and chambers of commerce organize tournaments, and it is certainly an excellent place to meet new people, exchange business cards and why not, open the door for a future project, perhaps the most important of your life.

To generate an attractive quality of business life, Texas has more than 900 golf courses.

Golf Equipment Information

The first thing you have to buy to be able to go to practice is a glove. Right-handed people will need a left hand glove and left-handed one for the right hand.

The gloves can be of synthetic material or of skin, but in both cases they will be very fine to not lose touch or sensibility.

The most important thing about a glove, mainly when we are learning to play, is that it is reinforced, especially in the fleshy part of the palm of the hand.

Then come the sticks. At first we’ll just need a stick. You can rent it every time you go to practice, but if you rent a stick 15 times to 2 euros means 30 euros, and for that money you can buy one. Another option, as we have already seen, is to buy it second-hand. It is now easier with the proliferation of used-item stores even in specialized golf shops.

Although taking into account that soon we will need more sticks, which can also be a good option, is to purchase a set of half-game sticks and transport bag.

How much do I have to spend on my outfit?

An excellent golf outfit is what all the excellent players need. A good golf kit is what good players need. A regular golf outfit is what most of us need.

The most dramatic change that has occurred in the golf industry over the last twenty years has been in the equipment.

The current teams are phenomenal. There are balls for each type of player. Bats are investigated, designed, and manufactured for maximum performance. Gloves, shoes, bags and golf clothes are made by putting the utmost attention to detail.

We cannot say that golf teams will not make any difference in any player’s game. Obviously, we have some advantage when we carry a better team. Especially when we already know how to handle them.

The decision to buy the new golf team could be based on your ability to play golf, your financial situation, your goals playing golf, or a little three.

We can see the purchase of a new golf team in two categories. If we have more than 1,000 euros to spend on the new golf team continue reading right in the next section. If we have less than 1,000 euros to spend then go to the Section Golf kit for the average amateur.

The golf team for those who have a little extra money:

  • If you are going to take classes do not buy your new equipment until you have received the first lessons. Your swing will change and different swings require different equipment.
  • Be prepared to spend some extra money. This purchase must last for several years so it does not contain now.
  • Make a list of everything you need to buy, from the golf shoes, the bag or a rain gear.
  • Read a little about the latest golf equipment. Learn some of the differences between the products. For example, the graphite rods may not be better than the steel ones for you.
  • Visit at least two large golf shops.
  • Talk to your teacher about the team.
  • Try the equipment.

You can also read my suggestions for the average hobbyist.

The golf team for the average amateur
Most of us can survive with a limited team. The minimum complete equipment is a driver, a 3 wood, 3 to 9 irons, sand, putter, tees, balls, shoes and a bag. The additional equipment that is good to have includes wood 5 and 7, umbrella, pitching wedge, lob wedge, rain gear, cart, etc.

However, it is not necessary to have the last cry in equipment. When you start doing more than one round of 18 holes a year around the 70 blows buy a good team. If I had any surplus money you would probably buy one or two last generation products.

Now, if the average blows per round is between 85 and 120 we don’t need a team at the last scream. Choose a game of clubs at a good price in a store, a friend, or a second hand advertisement. This may represent an amount of between 250 and 350 euros.

Any ball will be valid for your game. Until you begin to break the barrier of the 80 blows you can play the balls that are on offer or those you find on the golf course.

I think some people need last-line equipment. If you can afford the luxury then buy. However, remember that buying state-of-the-art equipment will never make you break the 100-pound barrier and it’s probably a waste of money. Spend your money better in class.

How to Buy Your Golf Balls of Initiation

When it comes to buying your beginner golf clubs game, it is important that the seller be an expert in golf and consider your physical characteristics (height, speed potential, etc).

It is advisable to buy your game of clubs in a physical golf shop, advised by your golf teacher, if possible. This way you can appreciate the materials and even try the sticks. It is also advisable to always buy good quality materials, which is not necessarily the most expensive.

Buy Golf clubs for Pitch and Putt

For beginners who want to buy Pitch & Putt golf clubs are recommended golf clubs with graphite rods. The graphite rods are lighter and better absorb the vibration of the failed blows than the sticks with steel rods. Also, being lighter, there is less risk of small injuries by frequently hitting the carpet of practice, grass, or the top of the ball.

After a few months of practice, those players who have already internalized the swing and can hit the ball with a good speed of the head of the club, can choose to play golf clubs with steel rods. Having a more perfected and internalized swing, these rods will provide them with more regular ball trajectories than the graphite rods.

Women usually have less physical power than men, so they need to play women’s golf clubs, which have the most flexible and shorter rods, as well as finer handles. People who generate very little speed in the head of the club, will need a wood or a hybrid stick for the longest pitch & putt holes.

In the pitch & putt fields The holes have a maximum distance of 120 meters, so no golf clubs are required for longer distances. To cover these distances is necessary a game composed of the following elements:

-1 Sand Wedge (SW) to play short blows and from bunkers.

-1 Pitching wedge (PW or Iron 10).

-Irons 9, 8 and 7.

-1 Putt: It is important that the length of the rod, which is normally measured in inches, is appropriate to the height of the player to facilitate placement when playing.

-1 small golf bag, already in a pitch & putt course it is not necessary to carry a lot of equipment. The bag can include a tripod to hold standing while we play the hit.

Kids GOLF Clubs

For boys and girls are recommended sticks, balls and bags with colors and attractive drawings, as children motivates them to play. For older boys and girls, it’s not that important. It is also necessary to play golf with clubs that are adapted to their age and sex, as as for adults there are clubs for children and clubs for girls. At present there is a wide range of clubs for boys and girls of different age ranges, varying in size:

-Sets of sticks for boys and girls from 5 to 8 years.

-Sets of sticks for boys and girls from 9 to 11 years.

-Sets of sticks for boys and girls from 12 to 14 years.

In case the sticks are a little long for the boy or girl (not more than 2 cm), there is no downside in that the: a little lower. It is important that the weight and length of the stick is not excessive for the child.

Buy golf clubs for large fields

Players who want to buy golf clubs to start on large golf courses, can opt for a set of steel or graphite golf clubs, depending on their physical characteristics and their swing speed.

A complete set of golf clubs is recommended, as during the course of a large golf course we will find all kinds of distances and a complete game is necessary to cover them. A complete set of golf clubs comprises the following elements:

-1 driver for outputs.

-Woods 3 and 5 or wood 3 and 1 hybrid stick.

-Irons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to cover different distances.

-1 Pitching wedge (PW or Iron 10).

-1 Sand Wedge (SW) for short blows and taken from the bunkers.

-1 large or medium sized bag to carry in cart or golf car or a small bag to carry back, if desired.

At present, a full beginner golf club set, does not usually include iron 3, as the hybrid fulfils this function.

A beginner player can also play initially with half a set of clubs in a large field. For example, you can play with the irons SW, 9, 7, 5, wood 3 and putt. This way it simplifies the process of choosing the club, and also plays a little lighter.

What is a hybrid stick?

A hybrid golf club has a design between iron and wood. Replaces an iron 2 or 3 in distance and for a player with high or medium handicap is easier to play than those irons. As a difference, it should be commented that a ball hit with a hybrid stick produces a higher ball than with a 2 or 3 iron.

Do I have to buy a 60-degree SECOND Blaster?

For a beginner player or player it is not necessary. First you have to learn to control a normal 56-degree sand. The second blaster is used by professional players or amateur players with very low handicap. These players already dominate the normal sand and a more open sand brings more height and recoil effect to the ball in situations that require it, as for example a stroke of approximation to a flag where there is very little space between the flag and the beginning of green For the ball to roll.

A player who, by his level of play, does not control the approximation blows with a normal sand of 56 degrees, will not profit from the use of a sand of 60 degrees. What’s more, it is very likely that your use will generate confusion and errors in the field.

How many degrees should the DRIVER buy?

It is important that the player objectively values his level of play and that he chooses a driver that is relatively easy. For players with medium or high handicap, the starting distance is not a competitive advantage, as it is a good short game (approach, bunker and putt), with which it will really lower its results.

Therefore, the best driver for a high or medium handicap player is not the one that more distance can make, but the one that will help you to take the streets of the holes regularly and an acceptable distance.

The fewer grades the driver’s face has, the more distance it provides, but it also requires a more correct swing. A driver with a stick face with more degrees, will do less distance, but it is easier to hit properly regularly and center the ball on the streets of the holes, which will give more confidence to the player during the tour.

Therefore, for a player of high or medium handicap is advisable a driver of between 10.5 to 12 degrees, with the rod suitable to its physical characteristics, speed of swing, etc.

How to Get Golf Handicap

The golf handicap is a very broad topic and before explaining the steps to obtain it, it is convenient to carefully explain what it is and how it works:

What is golf handicap?

The handicap in golf is the assessment of the level of play of an amateur golf player. It refers to the number of hits, usually above, that an amateur player performs on a tour, with respect to the “pair of the field” or number of blows stipulated.

In Spain, like the rest of Europe, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation applies the handicap EGA (European Golf Association) system. This handicap system is based on the premise that every player tries to play the field in the smallest possible number of hits. This handicap system is related to the USGA (United State Golf Association) field valuation system and the slope rating, which refers to the difficulty level of the fields.

Who does the rating of the players handicap? The National Association of Golf of each country has the competence to make this valuation and its constant process of updating.

What is the golf handicap for? Mainly so that golfers of different levels can compete in the same tournament or game. Given the difficulty of golf, without the handicap system, a novice player could in no way compete with a mid-level player, advanced or professional. The handicap golf license will also allow you to play tours on any golf course, being the handicap’s possession an indispensable requirement.

How does the golf handicap intervene? The handicap system gives each amateur player a number of hits to deduct from the total number of blows made. This handicap or number of blows to deduct is based on the results in previous official competitions. In the event that an amateur player plays his first competition, he would do so with the maximum handicap of his category, unless it is lowered by appreciation, to adjust to his real level of play. Competitions can be local tournaments in the player’s regular golf club or competitions in other fields. In each tournament there is a “competition committee” that regulates the development of the game.

Thus, a player who habitually performs in tournaments around 76 blows and has a handicap 5, can play with a beginner of handicap 36, who habitually plays the field in about 110 blows. If these two players played a game or a championship in the Stroke play mode, they would act as follows: At the end of the tour they would be deducted from the total (gross) result, their corresponding handicap.

In this case the player with Handicap 36 would deduct 36 blows and the player with Handicap 5 would deduct 5 blows. Once the beat discount is applied (net result), the winner is the one who has obtained a lower score. This procedure is reflected in the card and is verified by the competition committee responsible for the tournament. In the event that a game of golf is played in the mode of Match play (game by holes), the player with the highest handicap receives as compensation the difference between his handicap and the handicap of the opponent.

How is the golf handicap updated? At the end of a tournament, the competition committee of the club responsible for the tournament, transmits the results of all the players participating to the corresponding national Golf Agency. In this way the handicap of each amateur player is updated in each tournament. In the case of Spain, there are territorial golf federations in each autonomous region, which are centralized in the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, located in Madrid.

How do you get the golf handicap? In the last 25 years golf has developed notably in Spain. Despite the current crisis, that the golf sector is noticing appreciably, there are numerous facilities of both golf courses of 18 holes large, and pitch & putt fields and schools. However, there is still a lack of interest on the part of the administrations in order to facilitate a greater approach of golf to all the public, as in other countries, such as France.

To talk about obtaining the golf handicap, we must comment on a few previous steps: First we must go to a golf facility, such as a practice court, a large golf course or a pitch & putt. There we can hire private or group classes, to have a first contact with the golf. If we have friends who play, it is a good idea to accompany them in the field to enter a little in the world of golf.

Given the complexity of this sport, a qualified instructor is essential when it comes to learning the technique and practice of golf swing. A few months of classes or courses will save us time and bad habits when it comes to making a good golf swing. Once you have started the classes and if you are clear that you like golf, your instructor or the school can proceed to arrange the Federal golf license. This will allow you to access any golf practice area and have accident insurance provided by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

Later, when your progress allows you to go to the field with certain guarantees of hitting with good direction and distance, in addition to making the tour in a number of blows, you can apply for the handicap golf, which will allow you to play in any field of Golf. To do so, your teacher will have to certify that your level is adequate to go out to the playing field. A theoretical examination of the rules of golf, whether in your golf club or school, or on the premises of the Territorial Golf Federation of your Autonomous community, is also to be carried out under a previous appointment. Your instructor will provide you with information about this exam, and instruct you on the rules of Golf and courtesy. Once you have passed the exam of the rules of the Golf and with the certification of your level of play of your instructor, you will have your license with the handicap Incorporated.

What is the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is a men’s team golf tournament held every two years. It is one of the most important sporting events on an international level. This biennial golf tournament faces the United States team against the European team. The teams are made up of the best players from Europe and the United States in the year of the competition. The venue is alternated between the United Kingdom and Ireland and the United States.

Early. Before the official birth of the Ryder Cup in 1927, there were two unofficial competitions between professional teams in Britain and the United States. Both were won by the British. The first one was played in Gleneagles in 1921, while the second was held in Wentworth in the year 1926. This was special, as among the spectators was a man named Samuel Ryder.

Ryder was an English seed merchant from St. Albans, who amassed a fortune selling seed packs at the price of a penny. He was amazed at the meeting at Wentworth of 1926, particularly when he saw Abe Mitchell’s team defeating the American team composed of Jim Barnes and Walter Hagen, among others. Samuel Ryder decided to sponsor the event in the successive years and the next year was officially born the Ryder Cup.

The United States clearly dominated the competition over the next few decades. In the year 1973 they joined the British team Irish players and from 1979 players from the rest of Europe. This inclusion of new players made the tournament much more matched and competitive.

Today. Each team in the Ryder Cup is made up of 12 players and a captain. Encounters include match play modalities. The matches consist of eight foursomes meetings, eight four-ball meetings and twelve individual matches. The winner of each match receives a point for his team, while if a tie is produced, each of the teams is dealt ½ point.

The foursome modality consists of playing a team of two players against another. The players of each team are alternating in the blows along the game, always with the same ball. Each hole is won by the team that completes it in the least number of blows.

In the modality four-ball also plays a team of two players against the same, with the difference that all the players have to play their own ball along the route. Each hole is won by the team whose player completes the hole in the least number of hits.

The individual matches are matches between players of different side in the mode match play, in which the player who plays the hole in the least number of blows, points a won hole.

In the Ryder Cup the matches take place over three days, usually from Friday to Sunday. The first two days are held four games in four-ball modality in the morning, and four others in the modality foursomes in the afternoon. Finally on Sunday the twelve individual parties are celebrated. Not all players are required to compete on Friday and Saturday matches; The captain of each team decides who are the eight players competing in each of the four rounds of those two days.

The Ryder Cup leaves the British Isles and celebrates on the mainland. In 1997 the Ryder Cup was held for the first time outside the British Isles (when the European team was the organization). The number 32 edition of the Ryder Cup was held in Spain, more specifically in the exclusive Valderrama Golf Club, located in Sotogrande, in the province of Cadiz. The European team won the competition with a result of 14 and 1/2 against 13 and 1/2 on the part of the American team, which allowed Europe to retain the trophy.

The European team had a clear advantage in the first two days (10 and 1/2 against 5 and 1/2), but on Sunday the American team remarkably the result in the individual matches (8 against 4), but in an insufficient way to take the victory.

The Spanish golfer Severiano Ballesteros was the great driver of the Ryder Cup to be played outside the British Isles, as well as being the captain of the European team, Severiano had an outstanding participation as captain and is recognized by connoisseurs as the best Captain of the Ryder Cup story.

The Ryder Cup 2016 was held in the United States, at the Hazeltine National Golf Club, and the winning team has been the United States, with a 17-point United States score against 11 points in Europe.

The next Ryder Cup 2018 will be held for the 2nd time outside the British Isles, specifically in the Le Golf National field in Paris, the week of September 25-30.

Traveling Around the World as a Volunteer

Before starting this trip around the world, the idea had been larvae in my mind to make a trip around Europe, traveling in a van and being a nomad, but without a solid project. They were just undated desires. Among other things there was something that slowed me down and I’ve seen is the most recurrent argument of most people I talk to and dream of starting a trip similar to what I am doing at the moment: the lack of budget. I don’t criticize it, I just expose a reality. Of course it takes money, but true is also, that much less than we believe. Sacrifices must be made, I will not deny it, but they are well worth it, to be able to enjoy a life in movement and quasi freedom.

In this article I will tell as I have been advancing the world on a low budget during the, almost, last three years, crossing forty countries; As I have been able to travel almost 70,000 miles by land, sea and air-by airplane the less-and, I will try to inspire you so that, perhaps, you can make your dream of traveling a reality and how? Helping as a volunteer to get help.

So, when I thought about going around Europe in the van, I thought traveling was what I knew until then, I mean: traveling overnight in hotels and eating in restaurants, coupled with the payment of the fuel to roll. If I know that is a contradiction: traveling in a van gives you enough freedom to move without limit and also use it as a caravan, so some of those expenses were not necessary, but my mind did not think but I could not do it for lack of diner Or enough and created non-existent barriers.

At that time I was not going through the head if you want, use the couch-surfing, you know, houses that open to travelers around the world for a few nights in exchange for, for example, cooking for hosts or bring a small gift; So even less, I could have thought that there were volunteers.

There are several websites that help you get in touch with the hosts and I will list and make a little comment to know and find what most suits you. On most pages the volunteers have to pay a membership fee to get in touch with the hosts and have more information about them. Perhaps this is why I have not all tried and I have limited to the best suited to my possibilities, but in these, I am worth making that small investment.

Usually in volunteers they ask you to work about five hours a day, five days a week, but it is not a fixed rule and you have to adapt to the needs of volunteering. and normally, in return, the hosts offer you the food and the accommodation, also an Internet connection if available, excursions around the environment to know better the area where you are living and even a vehicle (motorbike, car or bike) that you They can lend to move you. To me also some hosts helped me to continue on the way palindrome the shuttle to the next city I had planned on the tour, but they were the exception that confirms the rule.

Websites to volunteer

The webs that I know, I used and recommend are:

Workaway and HELPX: The two most variety of jobs offered in farms, houses, schools, Buddhist temples, hostels and hotels, B or boats. The first was in which I discharged before leaving and in the second I did the six months of traveling. There were two reasons to make this decision, the first was that many hosts of Workaway did not answer the emails sent and the second, which added more options where to be able to go also in HELPX. You will see that some hosts agree on both, but for example in Helpx you often find your phone and make contact more personal. In Workaway the membership is for one year and you pay 29US$; In HELPX it’s for two years and you pay €19. In the first you can also register as a couple and pay 38US$.

Findacrew: I met her when she was in Australia thanks to another volunteer she had met in Indonesia and when she knew my project to navigate to follow my trip, she recommended it to me. Create your profile and look for what you want to see if you are lucky that a boss answers you and enter your plans. It is paid if you want to have much more information about the boat or the owner, planned tours, etc, although I use it without the Premium membership and I have not gone wrong. You have several options to be a Premium member: one month (€52), Ninety Days (€104), six months (€187), one year (€291), Lifetime (€687) or you can check your profile by €14. I am currently in a sailboat running part of the Pacific and my work is to cook and clean. When we sail also I do guards and little by little I am learning to navigate and carry the boat. Here there are no schedules, you are available 24 h, but living on the sailboat does not matter and there is also plenty of free time.

Crewbay: At the moment I have only an open profile, but no experience to tell. I met her thanks to a volunteer who agreed with me on the sailboat I got through Findacrew. Everything here is free and you also find larger boats, not just sailboats or catamarans.

Trusted House sitters to take care of homes, children and pets. I don’t know her very well, so I can’t tell you much, but she looks good. You can pay a monthly fee of 9,92US$ or annual 119US$ to become a member. They have a team that investigates you to make you a creditor of the five stars that give confidence to the hosts and more chances to be accepted your application.

Something that also I emphasize of the volunteers is that I have been able to meet other travelers like me, who in the future have helped me to find places or even I have opened the doors of their houses, to be there simply as guest, or also by throwing a hand. As this network grows, you will see how getting other volunteers is easier on your own, without having to resort to the aforementioned web pages.

So if one day you thought about making a trip, no time limit, but limited budget; Or perhaps, to know a distant country and immerse yourself in the local life, also fair of money, the option of the volunteers opens to you a real possibility, in which you enjoy: learning, helping, knowing and gaining incredible and rewarding experiences for your life.

I hope I have inspired you and discover a new way of traveling. And as I always say in my blog, at the end of my articles pure life!