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Practical Guide to Start Playing on the Golf Course

This handy little guide to start playing on the golf course contains basic instructions about the practical part of the game in the field. This knowledge will help the player to develop more effectively and safely in the field and thus to enjoy more of this fantastic sport. Some golf sports psychology In the sports... Read More »

The Art of Doing Business on the Golf Course

One of the best strategies to nurture your business relationships. Have you ever heard that playing golf closes big business? Not always but if, the field is a great way to relate, to meet your co-workers and even, to have quality time with your customers. Golf should be seen as an opportunity. Not only is... Read More »

The Islands of Contadora and Saboga

The Contadora and Saboga Islands are located at the northern end of the Pearl Islands. “Pearls” as they are known, are the Pacific version of the popular Bocas del Toro and San Blas Islands located in the Caribbean. However, while the Caribbean islands are drenched in rain, the pearls remain practically dry. During the rainy... Read More »

Golf Equipment Information

The first thing you have to buy to be able to go to practice is a glove. Right-handed people will need a left hand glove and left-handed one for the right hand. The gloves can be of synthetic material or of skin, but in both cases they will be very fine to not lose touch... Read More »

How to Buy Your Golf Balls of Initiation

When it comes to buying your beginner golf clubs game, it is important that the seller be an expert in golf and consider your physical characteristics (height, speed potential, etc). It is advisable to buy your game of clubs in a physical golf shop, advised by your golf teacher, if possible. This way you can... Read More »

How to Get Golf Handicap

The golf handicap is a very broad topic and before explaining the steps to obtain it, it is convenient to carefully explain what it is and how it works: What is golf handicap? The handicap in golf is the assessment of the level of play of an amateur golf player. It refers to the number... Read More »